Our policy

1. Terms and conditions for use of the website
2. Applicable law
3. Ownership of rights
4. Website contents and purpose
5. Regime governing use of the website contents
6. Links to other websites
7. Liability

1. Terms and conditions for use of the website
Anyone visiting this website or using it in any way, agrees, without reservation, to be bound by the conditions set out below. If you do not agree or wish to be bound by them, you are not authorised to access, use or download any material from this website.

Tiemme Costruzioni Edili S.p.A. reserves the right to update or alter these terms and conditions for use of the website at any time, with no obligation to provide due notice of such. If conditions are amended, access to the website shall imply a commitment to comply with the amended conditions.

2. Applicable law
All the contents published or present on the website, including their selection and organisation and the website layout and design, are protected by privacy legislation (Italian Legislative Decree no. 196 of 30/06/2003), by copyright law (Italian Law no. 633 of 22/04/1941, as amended by Italian Legislative Decree no. 518 of 29/12/1992 on the legal protection of software) and other national and international legislation on the protection of intellectual and industrial property, as amended and supplemented.

3. Ownership of rights
This website is the property of and pertains exclusively to Tiemme Costruzioni Edili S.p.A.; assignment of the internet domain name has been formally obtained in accordance with the methods and procedures in force at the time the assignment was requested.

The rights over the contents belong to Tiemme Costruzioni Edili S.p.A.

Some pages of this website may contain materials covered by copyright pertaining to the persons who made them available. In publishing them, Tiemme Costruzioni Edili S.p.A. does not transmit any rights over any of the contents of the website.

Regime for the use of the material published on the website and reproduction by third parties.

4. Website contents and purpose
The website contents have been designed in compliance with Italian laws and the Directives of the European Union, including those governing the protection of literary and artistic works; they are intended for both national and international users.

The purpose of the website is to spread awareness over the internet, for the purpose of informing users and advertising, of information relating to the company Tiemme Costruzioni Edili S.p.A.

Tiemme Costruzioni Edili S.p.A. specifies that:

- it adopts suitable procedures by which to guarantee standards of accuracy, completeness, adequacy, update and timeliness of the information contained on the website;
- it undertakes to eliminate any technical or typographical errors as quickly as possible;
- it reserves the right, at any time, without notice and at its own discretion, to make changes to the contents and functional and operative methods of the website and services offered;
- it cannot be held liable for any imprecisions, errors or delayed updating.

The contents can only be reproduced (in full or in part and even where citing the source) with the prior written consent of Tiemme Costruzioni Edili S.p.A.

5. Regime governing use of the website contents

Permitted conduct: personal use
Access to the website and its contents, as an unregistered or registered visitor, is permitted for personal use only (e.g. for information, research or study).

Prohibited conduct: commercial use
The user cannot use or allow third parties to use the website and data contained therein for any commercial purpose. Any use for commercial purposes or intentions or for economic exploitation by users is therefore specifically prohibited, unless agreed in advance and authorised in writing by Tiemme Costruzioni Edili S.p.A.

In any case, the following are prohibited:

- alteration of the website or any of its contents or access methods;
- any conduct classed as a crime under current legislation (e.g. computer crimes, such as the violation of IT domicile);
- any conduct intended to split parts or sections of this website and/or incorporate them into other third party websites, to modify, copy, reproduce, re-publish, load from program, make public, transmit or distribute in any way all or part of the contents, including codes and software, without the prior consent of Tiemme Costruzioni Edili S.p.A. or in breach of these conditions;
- the loading of computer programs, files and other materials containing destructive or disturbing characteristics such as viruses, files that have been tampered with, "hidden" files (such as images into which audio files are integrated), worms, trojan horses or bots for scrolling or the launching of multiple screens or other activities that may disturb the integrity or function or on-line communication of the website;
- in general, any use that causes or may cause damages, interruption or a limitation of this website and its services;
- the unauthorised collection, via the website, of personal data on third parties (e.g. e-mail addresses).

Prohibited conduct - consequences
Without prejudice to any rights, faculties or powers pertaining to third parties, in the event of prohibited conduct, Tiemme Costruzioni Edili S.p.A. reserves the right to take legal action.

If any breach of these conditions for the use of the website should be recorded, Tiemme Costruzioni Edili S.p.A. reserves the right to take all corrective action necessary, without notice, including the exclusion of the visitor/user from accessing the website and its services and removing all materials included on the website by the visitor/user, without accepting any direct or indirect liability in this respect.

Tiemme Costruzioni Edili S.p.A. undertakes to collaborate in every way possible with the competent authorities, also with a view to promptly identifying the perpetrators of any crime.

6. Links to other websites
Links may be included on the website / fr / en to other, third party websites.

Links to other websites involve the voluntary leaving of the website / fr / en to be directed to pages of different websites from this one.

Tiemme Costruzioni Edili S.p.A. undertakes to request advance authorisation to link to any third party website.

Any users who decide to access the third party websites via the links featured on the website do so at their own risk; Tiemme Costruzioni Edili S.p.A. will not be held liable for the contents of any linked websites that are beyond its control.

Without prejudice to agreements with the third parties concerned, Tiemme Costruzioni Edili S.p.A. reserves the right to eliminate any links or link programs at any time.

Any user wishing to include a link to this website on its homepage must request authorisation to do so from Tiemme Costruzioni Edili S.p.A., submitting a written request by e-mail to

Tiemme Costruzioni Edili S.p.A. reserves the right to evaluate the request and make a free choice as to whether or not to grant authorisation; Tiemme Costruzioni Edili S.p.A. also reserves the right to take legal action against anyone adding a link without having obtained prior authorisation to do so.

Deep linking is prohibited: all links for this website must lead to the website homepage and must specify that this website and its contents should be considered separately from the website containing the link; it must be explained that the ownership and use of this website pertains to Tiemme Costruzioni Edili S.p.A. and that the contents of the website with the link are not shared. Equally, use of framing techniques is also prohibited.

7. Liability
Neither Tiemme Costruzioni Edili S.p.A. (a term that for the purpose of this paragraph should be understood as also referring to the directors, auditors, managers, employees, agents and consultants of Tiemme Costruzioni Edili S.p.A.) nor any other licensor of Tiemme Costruzioni Edili S.p.A. can be held liable for any events and/or damages that may be caused to the user and/or third parties from the use of this website and/or its contents.

Tiemme Costruzioni Edili S.p.A. will not be held liable for any events and/or damages caused by action it has lawfully taken against prohibited conduct.

Tiemme Costruzioni Edili S.p.A. shall also not be held liable for any problems caused to the user by interruptions, suspensions, delays or anomalies in the supply of the service, dependent on the supply of electricity or the telephone/telematic service, or other causes connected with the technical means by which the contents are transmitted, not depending on Tiemme Costruzioni Edili S.p.A.

Despite the fact that it strives constantly to improve the services offered, Tiemme Costruzioni Edili S.p.A. cannot be held liable with regards to third parties for the precision or constantly up-to-date nature of the contents of this website.

8. Definitions

- "Legal notes" means these terms and conditions;

- "Website" or "Site" means the homepage of the website, its pages or other collection of information and/or applications managed by Tiemme Costruzioni Edili S.p.A. and made available with access via IT equipment such as PCs, portable computers, mobile telephones, palmtop computers, digital cameras, television appliances or other such network devices for physically or wireless connected networks;

- "Contents" means the web pages, text documents, editorial contents, communications, designs, graphics, images and photographs, databases, software and all other audio-visual materials or materials of any type and nature;

- "Services" means all functions, devices, applications, information or other provisions available by means of this website;

- "Visitor" or "user" means any person accessing the website, with or without the permission of Tiemme Costruzioni Edili S.p.A. or anyone using it regardless of whether or not they are "registered";

- "Framing" means the inclusion of the linked page belonging to a certain website, within the structure of a different linking website;

- "Deep link" means the direct link, contained in a website, to a certain page of a different website, without going via the homepage of the latter website.

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